corporate events!

Why should you consider board games in your workplace?

Board games are inescapably fun and at the same time strengthen various skills:

  • Communication

  • Problem solving

  • Strategizing

  • Planning

  • Handling wins/losses

Because board games require full participation from all players, they make a great option for:
Team Building - Leadership Training - Orientations - Department Mixers - or just a break in the day!


ongoing package.png

Ongoing Package

Repetition is the Mother of all learning!

Board games are meant to be played more than once; repetition and consistency allows skills and qualities to develop deeply over time.

This Package offers:

focus package.png

Cooperation, Collaboration, and Competition (Focus Package)

Let’s focus on those corporate skills!

Customized game play based on specific qualities to benefit your team!

This package offers:

  • 4-10 crafted game selection

  • Game gurus to guide, facilitate and teach

  • Discussion about the benefits of board games in the work place

basic corporate package.png

Not So "Board" (Basic Package)

Let us work to cultivate those relationships!

This package is a great choice to bring your team together!

This package offers:

  • 25+ games brought to event

  • Game gurus to facilitate game time

  • Designed to last 3 hours