What is a Board Game Cafe?

Friend & Foe Board Game Cafe is an experience.

The perfect mixture between a hobby store and your local neighborhood cafe mixed with a little late night fun.

Friend & Foe’s aim is to bring people together, build friendships and promote social activities one board game at a time!

Friend & Foe serves coffee, tea, bottled drinks (such as Topo Chico, Kombucha, and Juices), beer and wine. We offer a bistro-style menu that includes appetizers, sandwiches, pastries, and desserts as well as a snack bar.

Friend & Foe has a game library with over 500+ individual titles and new games added regularly.

Q: Why a $5 Cover?

The cover will help Friend & Foe bring you the best experience we can. As you can imagine, games can get beat up, pieces get lost and sometimes the occasional drink spills and table flips.

The cover helps us keep all of our games replenished and in working order so you can play with out worrying!

Monthly and Yearly Memberships will be available with plenty of perks!

Q: How long is the Cover good for?

The cover is good for as long as you can last in one sitting.
Smoke break, leg stretching and running to the car are all okay, but leaving and coming back is not.

Q: Do I have to pay the cover if I am not playing board game?

No, if you are dropping in to grab a drink with a friend, study, read, or any other activity that isn't play a board game you do not have to pay the $5 cover.

Q: What about Children?

The earlier you can teach kids about board games the better!

Children (12 and under) are free with a paying Adult.
(Adult Pass: age 13 and above)

Q: Can I reserve a table?

All tables will be first come first serve, but we encourage you to ask if seats are open.

Q: Can I bring my own games?

No, we will not allow anyone to bring their own games into the cafe.
Friend & Foe will have an ever expanding and revolving library to choose from. In addition, we want to reduce the possibility of games getting mixed up or have your personal games ruined by food or drink.

Q: Will you host events?

We will host various events such as Trivia nights, "Learn a game" night, Family events, Game Tournaments, MeetUp events, and much more!